Vacationing in Europe? Pack a Scarf


When packing for a holiday the to-do list can seem long and daunting. The fear of forgetting an essential item is real, and many of us over-pack to avoid missing out on holiday. If you’re visiting Europe this summer, there is one item that you must take, and it could save you valuable packing space as it replaces other items in your suitcase: a scarf.

Cover Up

A scarf is a cover-up in more ways than one. Essential on the beach to protect your shoulders and back from burning, and useful to wrap around yourself when the evenings get chilly, a scarf will also help you comply with dress codes in many religious buildings around Europe. Many religious spaces ask that shoulders are covered before entering, but rather than packing a sweater or long-sleeved top, you can drape yourself glamorously in a scarf and obtain entry that way.

Beach Blanket

Sometimes, the shade on a beach is provided by a parasol or tree, leaving your scarf free to act as another blanket to sit or lie on. As long as the sand is soft and powdery, a good shake will get it all off your scarf, leaving it available to use later on in another guise.

Cooler Comforter

In some locations, even with the air-con on the nighttime temperatures can make it hard to sleep. You may not want the comforter over you but still need something to help you drift off. This is where your scarf can double up as a cooling blanket.


Lily F
Lily F
Lily is a fan of the great outdoors and can often be found half way along a trail or strolling along the beach. She also loves cosying up with a good book, and is determined to get better at baking over the winter.
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