What You Must Know Before Travelling Solo


You’ve taken time off work, picked your destination, and packed your bags. Still, as a first-time solo traveller, you might feel a little bit nervous about not being accompanied by any of your loved ones. Here is what you need to know before travelling solo for the first time.

All-Inclusive Resorts

When travelling alone, it can feel intimidating to leave your hotel and be in a foreign place all by yourself. For a first solo trip, maybe look into staying in an all-inclusive resort so that you don’t have to leave to find things to do or buy supplies.

Ask the Hotel for Recommendations

If you’re still unsure of your itinerary, then there’s no harm in asking your hotel staff if they have any recommendations of where to go. After all, they may have experience helping solo travellers.

Be Sociable

Once you’re alone, you’ll need to speak to new people in order to receive the social interactions you require. Consider participating in events and sports offered by the hotel in order to get acquainted with other guests.

Learn the Language

Consider learning a few words in the local language to show people that you are trying to fit in. This will help you earn their respect and perhaps their friendship.


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