Why You Should Travel to Corsica, France


If you’re starting to plan your vacations for 2024, you need to give Corsica some serious consideration. This Mediterranean gem is stunningly beautiful and full of surprises and can offer you everything from the most relaxing beach holiday to some experience tackling Europe’s toughest trek. Read on for three reasons why Corsica is not to be missed.

Beach Paradise

As an island, it makes sense that Corsica has its fair share of beautiful beaches to boast of. Whether you opt for sandy shores or one of the more rocky bays, you’re sure to find your own slice of island paradise here.

Take on the GR20

If you’re someone who prefers more active vacations, then Corsica won’t let you down. When you think of Europe’s toughest hiking trail, forget the Alps, Pyrenees, or coastal treks—it’s right here on the island of Corsica. This 112-mile-long route across the island is full of seriously steep ascents, terrifying scrambles, and narrow, winding paths. With only basic refuges to keep you sheltered, you need to come well prepared. If you’d like to tackle a section, there are several villages and towns that have access to parts of the trail.

Amazing Food

With a hefty dose of French cuisine combined with some of the freshest seafood around, Corsica offers some excellent eating experiences. Whether you opt for traditional grilled octopus or just off-the-boat fish, everything will be fresh and delicious.


Lily F
Lily F
Lily is a fan of the great outdoors and can often be found half way along a trail or strolling along the beach. She also loves cosying up with a good book, and is determined to get better at baking over the winter.
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