You Never Know What To Expect From Your Hostel Roommate


Studying abroad is an amazing experience.  While abroad, it is also important to travel to other destinations outside of the main city where you are staying. One girl, who was studying abroad in a small city in Spain decided to take a weekend trip to Rome with her friends. The group of girls excitedly planned their trip, made a bucket list of places they needed to visit, and booked a hostel in an area they they deemed to be decent.

Upon arriving to Rome, the group of girls were extremely excited and enthusiastic to embark on their adventure.  They’s finally get to live their Lizzie McGuire fantasies and travel the city of love.  The arrived in Rome late in the evening, went to the hostel to put down their belongings, and then head to dinner.  When they entered the hostel room, they met the other tenant.  His name was Jonathan and he was from Germany. The girls knew they would have a random roommate in the hostel because the room had 8 beds and there were only 7 of them in the group.  So, once they arrived, met Jonathan, and put their stuff down, they went to dinner, enjoyed some pasta and pizza, and then headed back to the hostel to go to sleep.  The one girl, the most religious and innocent of the group, was the first to walk into the hostel room. She immediately ran out screaming “HE’S HAVING SEX IN THERE”. Shocked and annoyed that Jonathan was having an intimate affair in their room, the other girls walked right in. To their amusement, Jonathan was just laying in bed, reading a book, with his backpack next to him. He clearly was not engaged in any sextual acts.  The girl who initially freaked out was slightly embarrassed, but later admitted that she was up all night afraid that some girl would emerge from Jonathan’s bed and climb through the window.


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