3 Essentials You Shouldn’t Forget on a Hiking Holiday


If you’re an active person, there’s a good chance you’re looking forward to an active vacation this year. Spending your summer break hiking, swimming or cycling is a great way to explore a new place, while reaping the benefits of physical exercise. Hiking holidays are particularly popular, as these are a little more restful than higher-intensity forms of exercise, and you can get to know an area when you’re walking through it. Check out these three essentials which you won’t want to leave behind if you’re heading off on a hiking holiday this summer.

Quality Hiking Boots

Whether you opt for full-on boots, or some lighter hiking trainers, making sure you have proper footwear is non-negotiable. You’ll want to test this footwear out on a decent-length hike before your holiday, otherwise, there’s a risk that halfway through you’ll discover that your new shoes rub and are giving you blisters.

Water Bottles

If you’re hiking anywhere hot, you will need to pack plenty of water bottles. Hiking while dehydrated is not only no fun at all, but it’s also potentially dangerous. If you’re really striking out into the wilds, it’s worth investing in some water purification tablets (and reading up on how to use them) but for main trail hiking making sure that you’re well stocked with water bottles should see you through.

High Energy Snacks

If you’re walking long distances several days in a row, you’re going to get hungry! Make sure you have some high-energy snacks that won’t weigh you down—nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and chocolate (you are on holiday after all) are all good options.


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