How Clean Should You Leave Your Hotel Room for Housekeeping?


Unlike many villas and Airbnbs, one major perk about hotels is that the housekeeping staff will keep your suite in order. Still, there is some etiquette that should be followed when it comes to the state you leave your room in when housekeeping arrives. So, how clean should you leave your hotel room for housekeeping?

Don’t Make The Bed

Housekeepers usually start their job by stripping the bed, so there’s no point in making the bed before they arrive. Ultimately, this turns out to be a waste of time, especially since you’ll be receiving new bedding anyway.

Pick Up The Trash

General trash that belongs in a garbage can must go in the garbage can. Make sure not to leave your room with trash lying around as this only makes the housekeeper’s job that much more unpleasant.

Don’t Leave Dirty Dishes In The Hall

Not only does leaving dishes out in the hallway cause a tripping hazard for other guests, but it also just makes the area appear less pleasant for other people. If you want to send your dirty dishes back down to room service, call them and tell them you want them to collect the dirty kitchenware.


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