The Most Romantic Small Towns You Need to Visit in Europe


When you think of Europe, you probably think of the mainstream most visited big cities. You would probably think of Paris, London, Rome and so on. However, the true beauty is in the hidden gems.

We have collected the most romantic small towns in Europe for you and your spouse. You can thank us later! The first is Giethoorn, in the Netherlands.

People call it “The Venice of the North.” It is a charming village and it looks “like something out of a fairytale.” What’s special about it? Its thatched roof homes, centuries-old wooden bridges, and tree-lined footpaths. Then, there is Hallstatt, a lovely Austrian village.

Within the UNESCO World Heritage town are churches that date to the twelfth century. In the town, there is also a buzzing market square. On top of it, Hallstätt is only an hour’s drive from Salzburg and three from Vienna.

Another place is the British mountaintop Sintra. It is one of UNESCO World Heritage sites for its castles and gardens, a romantic place for couples!

Then, there’s the beautiful Taormina, a little town in Italy. What’s special about this place is that it is a clifftop town on the island of Sicily. It is a honeymoon destination! Last but not least, Colmar in France is a town full of vineyards, pastel-colored houses, Renaissance churches, and canals.

There’s nothing more romantic than a walk in the town followed by a day at a vineyard. Start planning the most romantic trip you’ve ever had!


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