UK Travel On A Budget


Traveling around the UK during a period of high inflation makes doing so on a budget that bit trickier. All is not lost, however—read these hints and tips for the best UK destinations, dishes, and days out you can experience on a budget.


In general, areas in the north of England and in Wales are cheaper than those in the south of the country. You will also want to avoid staying somewhere during a bank holiday (August 28th is the big one in summer 2023), and if possible you should avoid high season (the school summer holidays, usually from around July 20th until the first week of September). If you want to visit big cities, consider staying in the suburbs as most have decent public transport in to their centers. You will sometimes get a discount for staying somewhere for a week (as opposed to six days or fewer), so base yourself somewhere and then use local buses or trains to explore near and far.


Food in the UK doesn’t have the cultural cache that French, Spanish and Italian dishes do. Most of the nation’s favorite foods are already pretty cheap, such as steak and ale pie, fish and chips, and chicken tikka masala. If you want to try one of these dishes, avoid tourist hotspots (often found in the middle of cities or around coastal areas). Ask staff at the hotel or accommodation where you’re staying where they would go for food, most should be able to recommend cheaper but decent local options.

Days Out

Many museums are free entry, so if you’re in the capital explore the British Museum, Science Museum, or Natural History Museum. Other cities including Liverpool, Manchester, York, and Bristol have fantastic free museums and art galleries. Booking in advance for big attractions such as theme parks will also save loads (advance tickets for the theme park Alton Towers are half what you pay at the gate). There are regular deals and offers for places such as Thorpe Park (another theme park), where kids get in free with a full-priced adult ticket. It really pays to do your research online.

The UK isn’t always the cheapest holiday destination, but with some careful planning it is still possible to reduce the cost of your holiday.


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