Architecture Wonders of the World

For thousands of years, mankind has made its mark on the world. Some of the greatest buildings have withstood the tests of time and survive as great monuments to the civilizations of long ago and today we continue to build, higher, grander - anything to prove our greatness.


Here’s How You’ll Survive Your Nightmare Plane Trip

Plane travel is getting easier every day. With budget airlines like Spirit, Easyjet and Norwegian, the world is getting cheaper and more feasible for many people.

How to Interact With the Locals When You’re Abroad

Part of the charm of traveling abroad is getting to know new people and the lives they lead. You would be surprised to find just how different lives abroad can be, but also how many things are similar. A good way to really get to know a culture is by getting to know its people.

Signature Dishes From Around the World

One of the best ways to travel is with your stomach as your compass. Around the globe, peoples and their cultures are built on the backbone of what they eat. The ritual of gathering for a meal is strong and who you eat with can be just as important as what you eat.

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The Ultimate Southern Road Trip

If you are ever looking for a fun road trip but not trying to break your bank account in doing so, this Southern road trip might be perfect for you. The South offers a very rich culture and has several historic landmarks that make the trip worthwhile.

Cities with the Top Ranked Standard Of Living

Different cities across the world offer many different pros and cons to living there. Some cities are known for exquisite cuisine, a bustling art culture, or a relaxed pace of life.

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