The Must-See Abandoned Subway Stop in NYC


Millions of visitors pack into New York City every year. Whether for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, ice skating in Central Park or just a great bagel, there are a million and one reasons to spend some quality time in Manhattan. But while all those feet are pounding the pavement above ground, this city has got a secret, and you might have walked right over it.

The City Hall Subway stop was designed and decorated with the intention of joining the ranks of great subway stops such as Grand Central Station and 42nd Street. However, the stop proved relatively unpopular and sort of fell out of use. When the newer subway car models were developed, the station was closed permanently. The station design included a curved tunnel which the new cars simply couldn’t fit around!

Next time you’re strutting your stuff along Fifth Avenue or waltzing over to catch a show on Broadway, take a moment to think about the hidden nooks and crannies around you. Even with so many people bustling through it every day, the great city of New York is still buzzing with secrets. Not just around you, but also, below.


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