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How One Fight Between Husband and Wife Almost Changed the Course...

The account of a fight between husband and wife who nearly changed the outcome of World War Two has gone viral this week, after the national archives finally released covert intelligence files to the public. The story is a prime example of the butterfly effect in action. Crucially this married couple weren’t regular folks. They were deeply embedded in the world of international espionage.

So, The Loch Ness Monster Might Be Real After all?

Many people have been discussing over the existence of Loch Ness.  And yet, there is no final answer. However, a geneticist has a plan to find it out and put an end to the discussion once for all.

9 Animals That Prove Pets Can Have A Great Sense Of...

What does a cat dressed up as a lion, a dog who can’t jump and talking goat have in common? They’re all featured in this hilarious collection of animal videos that will surely make you laugh out loud. 

A Lie Gone Bad

Sometimes, dating feels like interviewing. You sit in front of your counterpart to answer personal questions while trying to impress the other. In the meantime the woman, aka interviewer, is mentally checking boxes of her own list that includes job, relations with the family, good taste in music and others. No wonder why men tend to exaggerate, lie and make up stories to impress the girl. Often though the lies backfire at men and in the long run they get caught in their own net of lies. Watch out boys, those lies could ruin all your chances with the woman of your dreams.

Lucky Passenger Gets Plane All to Himself

When people list off how they imagine their dream flights, you’re bound to see some recurring ideas. No annoying crying babies, no one reclining their seat all the way back in the row in front of me, maybe even having a row all to myself. Recently, one Delta passenger got all he could ever dream of on a flight and more.

Vintage Photos Show How Babies Used to Air Travel

There are a lot of heated discussions about babies on-board airplanes, and whether or not parents should give candies to other passengers, or spare them of the tortured journey altogether. However, one thing is certain – airlines have to try to be as pleasant as possible for every traveler, including the babies. According to rare photos from 1953, attempts to provide the best flying experience included awesome engineering solutions for the youngest travelers!

This Servo’s Worker Saved a Backpacker’s Life

When news broke out that a 22-year-old backpacker had been rescued after being a hostage for two months, the focus was on the police and the horror connected to the hostage.

Couple Travels Around the World Together

This love story is one that is sweet and romantic. Imagine traveling around the world and meeting people you would have never met before, and becoming close with them, sounds like thr trip of a lifetime, right? Well this is the case for Rob and Joli Switzer. They are a beautiful couple with an unusual story that not many can relate to. Rob is from the United States and Joli is from the other side of the world in the Philippines. They met in Cebu City as part of a travelers’ meet up and instantly became close friends.  Because of their strong connection and love for travel, they would plan trips around meeting up with each other every few months. And, whenever they met up, they would make sure to take the same photo, one of them embracing and sharing an intimate kiss. This “dip kiss” pose idea came to them when they witnessed travel companions who had a signature pose that they would use for pictures in all of the cities that they travelled to. They wanted to do their own pose because it was cute and romantic. Originally, the couple had only shared the pictures with those closest to them. However, after sharing them on an Instagram page, they have quickly gained over 5,000 followers. The couple’s story is one of adventure and love. Finally, after two years of living in different countries, Rob proposed to Joli on a trip to Moscow and they were married in June this past year.

This Family is Giving Up Everything For the Vacation of a...

When most of us think about startung a family, we think of buying a house and making sure we have enough funds for our future kids and to support them throughout life. Hoever this is not always the case. Meet the Fisher’s, although they are now better known by their their Instagram name, which is the Travel Around the World Family. They are a family of four from Porthcawl, Wales who have made a life-changing decision. The travel-loving Ian and Clare Fisher have elected to quit both of their jobs and sell all of their belongings to fund a trip around the world… possibly without a return ticket.