This New Snapchat Feature Can Make you a More Worldly Person

 This week Snapchat came out with a new Map feature. This feature opens up whenever you use two fingers and pinch the screen to simulate “zooming in.” When you do this, a giant world map appears which shows where all of your Snapchat friends are. This map is extremely accurate and shows exactly where each one of your Snapchat friends is located, down to their specific house number on their specific block. Although the viewing of your friends feature is the most notable part of this new Snapchat creation, there is another feature that not as many people are talking about: the ability to “travel” the world.

Iceland Has an App to Avoid Accidental Incest While Dating

The population in Iceland is roughly 330,000 people, far fewer than some of the big cities in other countries. Most of the citizens live close to the country’s capital, Reykjavík, compacting the population together. So, it’s not hard to believe that most Icelanders are somehow related.

Justice League New Trailer Got The Internet Talking

This weekend at Comic-Con, DC surprised everyone with a first real look at their anticipated film "Justice League" directed by Zack Snyder. DC fans could not hold themselves and had everything to say about it. The two and a half minute trailer does show some action scene, but it’s the dialogs that really got fans talking.

Saudi Prince Buys Out Plane Cabin for His 80 Hawks

Due to ongoing protests calling into question the legality and morality of Donald Trump's executive order banning migrants and refugees from several Muslim countries, airports have been particularly chaotic over the past few days.

Tourist Troll Takes the Best Leaning Tower of Pisa Pics Ever

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a pretty popular sight for tourists. In fact, when you think of the site, the first thing that usually pop to minds is a dude in a polo shirt and hiking shirts leaning against the tower with an oh so clever perspective trick. But Imgur user Savidiot took the trick one step further, creating quite an unforgettable album of his own.

Why You Need to See Disney’s Fantasmic

Ever taken a trip to Walt Disney World? Have an interest in nighttime shows where all the magic comes to life? If so, Fantasmic is the perfect attraction for you. Located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park, Fantasmic offers a nighttime show that features fireworks, characters, water effects, decorated floating boats, action, and a whole lot of magic. The narrating structure of this show follows the infamous Mickey Mouse on a voyage through his imagination in which he is caught in a battle against numerous Disney villains, such as Hades, Maleficent, Ursula, Scar, The Evil Queen, and many more. With the help of the characters and spirit of many Disney classics, such as Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Snow White, and many more, Mickey is able to defeat the villains in his nightmare, including a 40 foot tall dragon! Opening in October 15, 1998, the show lasts only 26 minutes, ending with an 80-foot replica of the ship from "Steamboat Willie" which features 26 Disney characters waving and singing as they go by with the one and only Steamboat Willie front and center, steering the ship. The Hollywood Hills Amphitheater, designed after the famous Hollywood Bowl accommodates 11,000 guests, who will all be smiling ear to ear after watching this amazing performance.

Turkish Ottoman-Inspired Shoes Are A Must-Have For Every Woman

Fashion is often times inspired by folkloric costumes from around the globe. Traditional clothing items have become statement pieces on the runway and are soon after making it into the closets of many fashion lovers.

Discover the Travel Trend of 2017

This new travel trend will blow you away. The best part? If you are a US citizen, the passport is not required. Lately everyone has thought about how his vacation can be portrayed on Instagram. So travelling has become a way to step up your Instagame.