Paris, France

Published on 2019


The Bateaux Parisiens

Let the Seine transport you on a magnificent journey and discover the timelessness of the city as you cruise along the water on a Bateaux Parisien dinner cruise. Have a table ready for you in subdued lighting and an intimate atmosphere to cruise along and see the most remarkable monuments. The huge bay windows give you 360° views of Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, the Grand Palais, and many more of the finest museums and monuments of the city.


Les Apotres de Pigalle

If you’re looking to try something new, Les Apotres de Pigalle is the restaurant for you. As a South American Brew Pub, try one of their many unique dishes, such as sea bass risotto, spicy beef, truffle mac and cheese, or burratina. Top the perfect night off with a glass or two of wine from their lengthy selection.


Sacree Fleur

Come to Sacree Fleur to get your meat fix. This restaurant has over 7 different types of beef for you to try, as well as other meats such as duck, veal, and lamb. With most of the meats ranging between eighteen to twenty-seven euros, you won’t have to worry about this steakhouse breaking your bank account.