A Look At Brazil’s Ride Share App For Women Only

Sometimes it can be hard to feel comfortable as a woman. Situations that may seem completely safe and mundane to a man can cause feelings of dread for women from all walks of life. This has been the situation for women across the globe for countless years, but more and more women are taking control of their lives and finding ways to be comfortable. One of the newest examples of this is Lady Driver, an app that allows women to connect with other females to help them get from point A to point B in safety and comfort.

The Amazing Photo is One of the First Ever Captured Underwater

When you take a look at this photo, you may not know exactly what it is from, or when it was captured. What's interesting about this photo is that it actually was taken long ago. A lot of mystery surrounds this photo. However, we know for sure it’s a portrait of a Romanian oceanographer by Louis Boutan, taken sometime between 1893 and 1899 in Banyuls-sur-Mer, in the South of France. Louis Boutan was a French photography pioneer. Early in his life he worked for a marine biology lab, where he fell in love with diving. As time passed, Boutan wanted to show people the underwater world he had the privilege to experience.

Hotels Fulfill Ridiculous Requests From Traveling Businessman

When you go to a hotel, especially if it’s a fancy one you paid top dollar for, you expect your needs to be accommodated, no matter how extreme or asinine they might be. One business man took this premise to the absolute limit when he filed some ridiculous and hilariously random requests for the hotels he was about to visit. The amazing thing? They were all fulfilled. Now that’s one great way to entertain yourself while traveling on business.

Want to Travel Differently? Meet BLADE: Like Uber, But For Helicopters

Booking a short flight used to require multiple phone calls, faxing your credit card, and a lot of headache. Now, startup BLADE has taken all the mess out of that process and made booking a helicopter available to the masses. A traveler can use the BLADE app to purchase a single seat on existing trips or create and crowdsource their own flight. 

This Guy Just Went Viral With The Most Amazing Trick You’ll...

For most of us, a Rubik's Cube is unsolvable. Even if we sit at it for hours. There are a few intelligent ones out there that can solve it, even with record time. But I have never seen anyone solve a Rubik's Cube like this....

Man Uses Tinder To Travel For Free

Someone with the Tinder App is expected to probably have met a few of his previous dates from the social media dating site. Tinder has also been used in conjunction with a decent amount of social experiments or even by someone looking to sell their lamp through the app. However, Anthony Botta is a 25-year-old from Belgium who used Tinder in a very creative and cost-effective way.

Perfectly Spherical Cloud Appears in Japan

If you ever spent a lazy afternoon lying on the grass and looking at cloud formations, you’ve probably already seen all kind of amazing cloud shaped dragons, dogs and dinosaurs. However, this time twitter user @pmxpvrtmx (Poppy) has captured a perfectly spherical one floating above houses in Fujisawa, a city in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Dubai’s View Above the Clouds is Breathtaking

Dubai’s Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum (known by his pen name Fazza) might be one of the richest men in the world, but this stunning footage he’s taken of the Dubai skyline rising through the clouds is absolutely priceless.

Man Finds Honeymoon Companion on eBay

Getting married is one of those momentous life events that you pray goes off without a hitch. From planning the venue to picking out the perfect dress to tasting the menu to inviting all of your extended family members, the list of things necessary to plan a perfect wedding seem to be never-ending. However, typically, once the big day come, you are overcome with excitement and joy. And best of all, after the stress of the wedding planning is over, you get to relax and refresh on your honeymoon trip. However, for one man, his honeymoon trip did not go as planned.

Global Impact Program For The Service-Minded Traveler

There is a growing culture now for millennials who have a desire to travel the world. Through social media posts and widely shared video content throughout a variety of platforms, millennials are inspiring their peers to want to experience some of the cultural differences and fun activities that traveling to a different country has to offer.