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Will You Try The World’s Most Expensive Bowl Of Soup?

Planning on visiting London soon? Forget about that big fashion shopping spree and save your money for the world’s most expensive bowl of soup. 

Which Country Has the Most Plastic Surgery?

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery just released their list of who gets what plastic surgery and where. We have the rankings of which countries get the most plastic surgery in 2016 and it is as follows:

This Road In France Disappears Underwater Twice A Day

If you’re planning a trip to France in the near future, make sure to be careful with which of the roads you take. They might just disappear, and here's why...

The Cutest Small Towns In The South You Need To Visit

The American south is charming and lovely. The south is known for its hospitality, food, and low key activities. The people in the south are not as concerned as with status as some people in the big cities are. So if you are looking for a nice vacation, this is the right destination.  We have collected for you the cutest towns, the ones with history, culture and some tasty food. 

Amazing Hot Springs You Can Really Take a Dip in

Hot Springs are always a great relaxing idea if you want something different than just your backyard jacuzzi. There are hot springs all over the world that you must visit becuase they are so beautiful and peaceful. What are the hottest destinations around the world? Where can you dip in the best hot springs? We have found the answer to these questions and you definatley  won’t be disappointed. These hot springs are not only flowing with healing thermal water, but they are also luxurious natural retreats for you to visit. 


These Polish Castles Will Transport You to a Fairytale

Most of us grew up on a steady diet of fairytales, which naturally created a love for castles. Grand turrets, enormous ballrooms, and extraordinary...

How To Avoid Flying When Traveling Around Europe

Traveling around Europe can be an enriching experience, offering opportunities to explore diverse cultures, historical landmarks, and stunning landscapes. While flying may seem like...

Here’s Why You Should Visit Greenland as Soon as Possible

Greenland, the world’s biggest island, has seen an increased interest from tourists in recent years. People are beginning to discover the beauties Greenland has...