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You Need To See These Natural Rock Pools In Turkey

Turkey has a lot to offer to tourists. You can soak up the culture in big cities like Istanbul or spend every day of your vacation laying on the beach or near a pool in places like Side, Antalya or Marmaris. But there is a place where you can do a little bit of both and that is Pamukkale. There you can find natural rock pools which also have some history to them. 

A Giant Car Vending Machine is Unveiled in Singapore

When you thought you have seen all kinds of madness in the world, here is Singapore. A new huge vending machine was recently inaugurated. What's special about it? This vending machine in Singapore offers something far more expensive than chips and drinks.

Holiday Spotlight: Lunar New Year

When we think of holidays, there are certain ones that typically come to mind- Christmas, Saint Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day. Holidays have been something that caused a buzz since the beginning of time. After all, almost every holiday celebrates an important person or religious event; this is true for the previously mentioned holidays.

Jimi Hendrix Park Opens to Public in Seattle

After a decade of wait, the park honoring Jimi Hendrix will finally open. The 2.5-acre park will be finally available to the public. For more than ten years, Seattle and the Jimi Hendrix estate attempted to build the park, without success. Located in the city's Central District, the park is in walking distance from the legendary guitarist's childhood home.


These Polish Castles Will Transport You to a Fairytale

Most of us grew up on a steady diet of fairytales, which naturally created a love for castles. Grand turrets, enormous ballrooms, and extraordinary...

How To Avoid Flying When Traveling Around Europe

Traveling around Europe can be an enriching experience, offering opportunities to explore diverse cultures, historical landmarks, and stunning landscapes. While flying may seem like...

Here’s Why You Should Visit Greenland as Soon as Possible

Greenland, the world’s biggest island, has seen an increased interest from tourists in recent years. People are beginning to discover the beauties Greenland has...